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Amateur Radio for DiamondXX

2020 June 17
by Jim

We have a number of licensed ham radio operator in the DiamondXX (including me, KN6EYF). Here are some frequencies to monitor and use, especially as we get into fire season.

  • 147.500 MHz – this is a simplex frequency we’ve agreed to use for DiamondXX. It would be helpful if ham operators in the DXX monitor this frequency when they can, especially when fires or other incidents are active.
  • 145.170 MHz, offset, PL 100 Hz – This is the N6FRG repeater in Angels Camp, run by the Calaveras Amateur Radio Society (CARS). Any licensed ham can use it during emergencies, regular users should join CARS.
  • 444.400 MHz, offset, PL 114.8 – The N6GKJ repeater up on Gopher Ridge, line-of-site for most of DiamondXX. Very clear signal.

Note that you need to be licensed to transmit on these frequencies. Getting your amateur radio operator license is relatively easy and inexpensive – you just need to study for and pass a test. CARS (Calaveras Amateur Radio Society) coordinates study sessions and tests locally.

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