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  • Does the DiamondXX have an HOA?
    • No, there is no HOA for the DiamondXX subdivision.
  • What is the “Road Committee”
    • The Road Committee was a group of volunteers elected by the DiamondXX property owners to help direct the use of road funds, which are collected as a per-parcel fee along with our property taxes by the county. The Road Committee disbanded in 2018 and the road funds are now administered by the county without formal guidance from DiamondXX property owners.
  • Does the DiamondXX have CCRs
    • Yes, there is a CC&R document that every property owner should receive when they close on their property. As there is not an HOA or other governing entity, it is up to each owner to comply with the CC&Rs. Violations should be brought to the attention of the county’s Code Enforcement office. Note that the CC&R document dates back to 1968, and many of the original plans for the DiamondXX have not materialized (there is no Architectural Board, there is no network of Equestrian/Pedestrian trails, etc.).
  • How close to the road should my fence be?
    • Your property begins 30 feet from the center of the road. If your current fence measures closer to the center of the road than 30 feet, please move it back.
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