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Surprise Ribbon Cutting for Stagecoach Bridge

2019 February 12
by Jim

This was a message from Public Works:

“We have scheduled the Stagecoach Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Thursday, February 21st at 2:30pm. We will do the necessary messaging and outreach to the key stakeholders and the media.”

Aren’t Diamond XX property owners “stakeholders” since their funds have helped build this bridge? Diamond XX owners have put in a lot of time, attending meetings and voting on the Stagecoach bridge project for over 10 years. I wonder how we could have possibly been over-looked?

In any case, be at the bridge on Thursday at 2:30 if you want to get in on the celebration. It truly is awesome to have this bridge in place at last and watch the torrent flow beneath as you drive over. Here’s the news article from

News article from
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  1. Tom Judge permalink
    September 7, 2019

    Missing my 1 1/2 year old long horn bull. (Taco) White body and brown legs. If you know where he could be please call me. Somebody said he was spotted walking north on Chuckwagon. Thanks Tom 925-360-5438
    4380 Chuckwagon

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