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Calaveras Seeking Public Input To Prioritize Road Repair Projects

2019 May 9
by Jim

With the disbanding of the Diamond XX Road Committee, our direct involvement with the County is more important than ever. Please communicate with Public Works and our Supervisor, Dennis Mills, about any road issues in the Diamond XX.

Hopefully many of us can be at these meetings (we are CSA4, meeting date TBD). Each of us is paying hundreds of dollars a year on top of our property taxes to maintain our roads, and this fund is managed (?) by the county, so our voice is critical as they prioritize recovering from this wet winter.

One Response
  1. Mou Garcia permalink
    May 13, 2019

    The road input meet is May 14,2019 as listed on It is 1-2:00. CsA4 at firehouse. it is 10:00 pm Monday night and the pine tree posted one hour ago. I guess a sign will be in front to tell us. Count and photo the pot holes on the way to the meeting! There will be a form to fill out and posted posted 30 days I think before repairs. Too bad if you work. Can I hear it for the county?! OOPS ! CAN’T PRINT THAT!

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