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How to report road issues

2020 July 1
by Jim
Not actually a DiamondXX pothole.

Got an annoying pothole you swerve around every day? Do you know of an undercut along our roads somewhere? Go here to report it to the county Public Works department so it gets on their to-do list. There is also an app version you can put right on your phone (see the links for iPhone and Android apps at the bottom of the reporting page).

As we no longer have a Road Committee doing a roads survey every year, it falls to each of us to bring issues to the county’s attention. Each property owner in DiamondXX pays a special assessment for our road maintenance, so don’t be shy about reporting issues.

Amateur Radio for DiamondXX

2020 June 17
by Jim

We have a number of licensed ham radio operator in the DiamondXX (including me, KN6EYF). Here are some frequencies to monitor and use, especially as we get into fire season.

  • 147.500 MHz – this is a simplex frequency we’ve agreed to use for DiamondXX. It would be helpful if ham operators in the DXX monitor this frequency when they can, especially when fires or other incidents are active.
  • 145.170 MHz, offset, PL 100 Hz – This is the N6FRG repeater in Angels Camp, run by the Calaveras Amateur Radio Society (CARS). Any licensed ham can use it during emergencies, regular users should join CARS.
  • 444.400 MHz, offset, PL 114.8 – The N6GKJ repeater up on Gopher Ridge, line-of-site for most of DiamondXX. Very clear signal.

Note that you need to be licensed to transmit on these frequencies. Getting your amateur radio operator license is relatively easy and inexpensive – you just need to study for and pass a test. CARS (Calaveras Amateur Radio Society) coordinates study sessions and tests locally.

Just received the following from Public Works…

2020 April 8
by Road Committee

Beginning on April 13, 2020 a bridge construction project will commence on Singletree Drive at Little Johns Creek in Copperopolis.  This project will convert the existing low water crossing to a bridge structure.  The road has been closed since the low water crossing was washed out in 2004.

Driveway access along Singletree Drive will be maintained throughout the duration of the construction.  Construction activity is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 13 and continue through the end of the year.

Calaveras County and our construction contractor, Viking Construction Company, Inc., appreciate your cooperation and will do everything possible to complete this important construction project on schedule.

Please call (209) 754-6401 with any questions.

Calaveras Seeking Public Input To Prioritize Road Repair Projects

2019 May 9
by Jim

With the disbanding of the Diamond XX Road Committee, our direct involvement with the County is more important than ever. Please communicate with Public Works and our Supervisor, Dennis Mills, about any road issues in the Diamond XX.

Hopefully many of us can be at these meetings (we are CSA4, meeting date TBD). Each of us is paying hundreds of dollars a year on top of our property taxes to maintain our roads, and this fund is managed (?) by the county, so our voice is critical as they prioritize recovering from this wet winter.

Surprise Ribbon Cutting for Stagecoach Bridge

2019 February 12
by Jim

This was a message from Public Works:

“We have scheduled the Stagecoach Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Thursday, February 21st at 2:30pm. We will do the necessary messaging and outreach to the key stakeholders and the media.”

Aren’t Diamond XX property owners “stakeholders” since their funds have helped build this bridge? Diamond XX owners have put in a lot of time, attending meetings and voting on the Stagecoach bridge project for over 10 years. I wonder how we could have possibly been over-looked?

In any case, be at the bridge on Thursday at 2:30 if you want to get in on the celebration. It truly is awesome to have this bridge in place at last and watch the torrent flow beneath as you drive over. Here’s the news article from

News article from

Stagecoach Bridge is now OPEN!

2018 December 22
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by Jim

Great news – no more wet crossing! Many thanks to the DiamondXX Road Committee & Calaveras Public Works for getting this funded and built. Here’s the press release from Public Works:

Construction Complete on Stagecoach Road Bridge Project, CopperopolisCalaveras County Public Works Department is proud…

Posted by Calaveras County Public Works Department on Friday, December 21, 2018

2018 December 5
by Road Committee

Road Committee Retirement
To our friends and neighbors in the Diamond XX, we have served on the Diamond XX Road Committee (also known as the County Service Area #4 Advisory Committee) for about twelve years now and we have decided to retire. Our appointment to the committee expires at the end of this month and we will not reapply.

We suggest that any road concerns you have be directed to the CSA liaison in Public Works, Jacob Lile – 209.754.6401 – . If you email Public Works, please copy our County Supervisor Dennis Mills – .

We thank Dennis for his commitment to improving our roads and always being available for advise and counsel.

Jeane Kennedy & Bob Toynbee

More Progress on the Stagecoach Bridge

2018 November 25
by Jim

Looks like we just need the guardrails poured!

Stagecoach Bridge

2018 October 28
by Road Committee

The Road Committee drove out to check on the progress of the Stagecoach Bridge. Looks like its keeping to schedule. We should be driving on it before too long – maybe a Christmas present! 

Rainwater Catchment Rebate – we qualify!

2018 September 21
by Jim
Our neighbor Carolyn sent me this:
The Copperopolis area has the opportunity to receive a rebate for installed rainwater catchment systems through the Tuolumne County Resource Conservation District.

One inch of rain on 1,000 square feet of roof can generate up to 600 gallons of water. Encouraging responsible rainwater collection is conducive to Tuolumne County RCD’s core goal of enabling water savings and promoting watershed health throughout the region.

Systems with a capacity greater than 165 gallons will be rebated $0.30 per gallon. Systems with a capacity of 165 gallons or less, using rain barrels, will be rebated $1.00 per gallon. Rebates will be calculated based on system storage capacity according to submitted receipts.

Homeowners within the T-Stan IRWMA boundary (all of Tuolumne County, and up to  Hwy 4 in Calaveras County), who install working rainwater catchment systems may be reimbursed for a portion of their costs at a rate of 30 cents per gallon of their tank capacity. Engineering of the system is free. They will come out, look at your site and figure out all materials needed.
If you are interested in hearing a short presentation at my house, Saturday, September 29 at 11:00am, please IM me or send an email to